1. Frames 2. PC sheet 3. Print 4. Tabletop 5. Light

1. Frames
Form the basis for the attachment of the PC sheet.

2. PC sheet
The PC sheets form the rigid construction and carry the message

3. Print
The message can be applied in various ways

4. Tabletop
Comes in both black and white

5. Light

The core of the Lumaline system is a modular frame with a polycarbonate sheet wall. When mounted to the frame, the polycarbonate becomes a rigid structure, capable of carrying the entire system in a height up to 220 cm. Due to the modular frame, you can create an infinite number of shapes.

The system can be decorated in different ways. You have the option of printing your graphic directly onto the polycarbonate sheets – offering multiple possibilities in terms of effects with added lights. Or you can opt for a white polycarbonate front and add your own printed foil.

How to assemble your Lumaline counter Place the polycarbonate sheet on a flat surface, then fit the frames in the center. Fix the polycarbonate sheet to the frame all through its length. Tip the counter to an upright position, add the top - you’re done.